Scientology Headquarters in Clearwater, FL
I am going to Flag for taining
#flag #flagship #scientology #lrh #clearwater #florida
by Ann. November 07, 2005
A piece of cloth that is taken far too seriously.

A false idol.
Teacther: Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssssssseeeeee stand up for the son is in the military!
Me: Dude, its a piece of cloth...not your son... cill out.
by maddy March 25, 2005
Either replaces the word "fuck", or "bail".
1. If someone says if u want a smoke, you return saying: "Flag that."

2. If you gonna do something to irritate someone, you gotta get ready to "Flag"
by hybrid September 10, 2003
my homies back in da hood came up with this shit. It is the paper with which you roll your weed up in.
Damn, i ran out of flags, pop me another.
by Gangsta December 13, 2004
Everything you want to describe as "Fun, Loud And Great"
"My FLAG vacation was in Florida."
#fun #loud #great #flag #description
by shie June 17, 2008
A male homosexual. From FLaming fAG
That guy in drag looks like a flag
by Chad February 13, 2004
A New Era Cap.
Its not a cap its a flag!
Hey homie i love your new flag!where did u buy it?!
#flag #new era #cap #baseball cap #baseball
by Bälzi July 05, 2007
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