A non hard dick or penis or cock or BANISTER
Dude my manshaft is a fuckin flaccid piece a shit homes!
by Matt December 15, 2004
Top Definition
1) Limp or soft
2) When the male penis is unhappy :(
3) "Down" time
Often times, after cumming the penis goes into a flaccid state. When you have a huge erection and want it to become flaccid just think about your fat neighbor using your blanket as toliet paper... or baseball. Whichever works.
by The Young Definer August 12, 2005
Limp, lacking muscle
An old dude had a flaccid penis so he had to take viagra.
by Tanisha April 14, 2004
One who suffers from not having the ability to get a woody, hard on, or boner... Usually having to take some Viagra to go the distance
Wife: You ready?
Husband: No.
Wife: Now?
Husband: No.
Husband: (pops some Viagra) Give me 5 five more minutes!
by James Lowe October 17, 2004
Flaccid; a word used to describe a negative situation. Often used to describe someone's life. It literally means that someone has "flopped", or failed.
"Life is so flaccid" - meaning life sucks.
"This is so flaccid" - meaning this sucks.
by massivefaggot June 18, 2013
This is the point of being so fucked up that you can no longer get your penis erect. Generally a term used by a group of friends when they are partying together.
*Calls right hand* "Yo get the squad together, we're getting flaccid as fuck tonight."
by hugs4drugs October 08, 2015
The state of letting loose and being abnormally turnt up. Being limp, like a wet noodle.
"Did you see Stacy's moves on the dance floor? She was so fucking flaccid man!"

"I'm getting so flaccid tonight!!"

"Let's get flaccid!"

"I realized I was really flaccid last night when I hooked up with seven guys"
by Flaccidwiener October 07, 2014
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