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To have been beaten or pounded.
"Dude, what happened to Mark's face?"
"He started some shit at the bar last night. Got thumped pretty bad."
by L33tLara June 11, 2009
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To be extremely drunk.
Man, I was thumped last night!
by Nasmon Arollo May 05, 2006
To get naked in the game of thumper.
dude, got thumped last weekend.
by mex69 December 20, 2010
v. Past tense of the intransitive verb, to Thump.

The act of leaving an area or confrontation at the most inopportune time, often creating a scene of confusion and disbelief.
"Why isn't he defending Blacksmith?"
"Oh! He Thumped."
by Tyranadin December 11, 2005
Adj. Thumped

1. Of or relating to possessing many epic loots
2. To be in the possession of an exceedingly gross number of epic loots
3. Having more epic loots than one knows what to do with.
"That guy is so thumped, he ran out of bank slots for all his epics!"
by Tekas December 14, 2005
The act of having sex with a very large penis, Having had the thumper soundly applied to the female (or male) of the species
He thumped her in the butt
by Estaben Reyes January 01, 2006

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