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The act of pissing oneself while farting.
Guy 1: Oh man, I got a crazy one coming.
Guy 2: Oh dude you're about to rip?
Guy 1: Nah never mind man I didn't want to fiss myself so I aborted it.
by Giants357 December 06, 2012
The act of pissing and farting simultaneously.
Dude! You just fissed and it smells like shit in here now. (Conversation between two dudes at the urinal).
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
A weak, barely audible fart of weak smell potency usually generated by petite women. Hard to detect because it is not accompanied by the moustache-hair-burning odor common to most recognizable farts. Low on Scoville Scale Heat Units, SHU's.
Karen, did you just fiss or was that a hiss coming from the jukebox?
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
n. 1) urine;
v. 1) to urinate; 2) polite manner of saying 'piss'; 3) abbreviated form of 'fissilate' and 'fissilations'
E.g. "Man, I need a fiss" or "Please excuse me, I need to fissilate"
by Ihatejobsworths February 22, 2010
Bong, device for smoking pot
Erst mal schön lecker boba Fiss!
by Siang Tango January 07, 2003
gay oriented meaning.
a gay man says somethings fishy's going on......sounding like something "fissy's" going on
by TINKY WINKIE December 17, 2003
what ronnie doesn't like
ronnie don't like fiss.
ronnie is a BAD BAD man.
by |ram| June 30, 2003
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