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To throw "hissy fits" by constantly bitching and crying. To get angry over small non-related subject matters.
This faggot bitch named Andy Peng throws hisses.

Andy hisses like a snake.

Is that another hiss, Mr Peng?
by twinkiedick69 May 06, 2009
a sound mostly made by black people especially Nigerians which symbolizes anger, frustration or just general nonsense. It is considered rude if done to an older person.
is that why you are crying? **hiss

how can you say such a thing? dont talk to me anymore. **hiss
by osas February 01, 2008
N. short for history, as in gone, One that is no longer worth consideration. also can be used for being in trouble.
That fat girl ate the cake, its hiss.

Ut oh, we just got pulled over! Were hiss.
by Scott Doortee May 17, 2006

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