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small disposable needle made of plastic,used for prevention of STD'S.
the junkies scored some fishbones from some clinic.

smart for not sharing needles, but stupid for still shooting smack.
by sixpac November 20, 2003
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fishbone (n):

Those whom to the beat are skankin'.
Angelo, Kibby II, Fish, Norwood, Kendall and Chris were the one and only Fishbone!
by NPDeany January 08, 2004
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The most underrated band in history. These guys deserve multiple props for their sound. Angelo Moore, John Norwood are geniuses, as well as the original members
Person 1:Do you know about Fishbone?

Friend: Yeah, aren't they done making records? Didn't the group breakup?

Person: You need to check out Fishbone's latest album, Still Stuck in Your Throat.

Friend: After all that shit, they are still making music. I'm going to check this shit out. Damn, they are so underrated with their combination of funk ska punk and metal. It's amazing.

Person: I know , hahhahaa. I'm buying that shit too.
by gs56ca1 August 27, 2008
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slang for boob bridge; the ripples of fabric created between a pair of bodacious tatas.
I only watched "Friends" to see Jennifer Anniston's fishbones.
by Daddy Plaid April 04, 2007
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after having sex with a your penis into her mouth .
ohhh dude i totaly fish boned your mom last night
by that guy gfhj May 18, 2007
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1. A famous freshman of the class of '12 at the Bronx High School of Science, a school that was once revered for it's academics and is beginning to fall.

2. A teenage girl who dresses like a boy, sometimes referred to as "it" but more commonly "he." A fishbone follows in the footsteps of alternative male sex icons such as Gerard Way, Ronnie Radke, and Chuck Bass.

3. A verb for a girl stealing a boy's girlfriend.

4. A point in time when a girl may become a lipstick lesbian due to falling for a fishbone as defined (2).
See boi

"Yo, that boygirl is the next Fishbone."

"Check out that Fishbone over there- it totally stole my best friend's girl!"

"Honestly, you've just been Fishboned. End of story."

"Once you go Fishbone, you never go back."
by BonerZam March 21, 2009
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one of the nicest, hottest guys ever that i want to marry =D
by hottie October 24, 2004
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