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Great ska-electrofunk-disco band fronted by Danny Elfman. Appeared in the worst movie ever, "The Forbidden Zone". Best album was *NOT* "Dead Man's Party" (like everybody says), but "Nothing to Fear" (1982). Got a little bland after 1985 when Danny started scoring movies and this became his part-time job. Would eventually influence bands like Fishbone and Mr. Bungle.
Have you ever heard (insert 1979 - 1983 era Oingo Boingo album song title)??? It's kickin' rad!
by NPDeany January 08, 2004
fishbone (n):

Those whom to the beat are skankin'.
Angelo, Kibby II, Fish, Norwood, Kendall and Chris were the one and only Fishbone!
by NPDeany January 08, 2004
Slightly overrated musician whose (not wholly voluntary) success allowed music companies to ladle the anti-establishment revivalist hard rock of the Pacific Northwest out of the pot it had been bubbling in for years, and attached a corporate label to it (grunge) that would soon be handed over to bloodsucking leeches like Bush, Creed, Puddle of Mudd, et al. This realization (and the widespread romanticising of his angst) led him to suicide in mid-1994.
He was by no means untalented and had excellent melodic sense. A symbol of his age, for good and ill.
Kurt Cobain was good, but he wasn't strawberry fudge icecream sundae with a cherry tomato on top good! Maybe fudgecicle with multicolored sprinkles good...maybe.
by NPDeany January 08, 2004

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