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An acronym standing for "people I know in person"
I was talking to some PIKIP on instant messenger.
by shidobu June 26, 2003
one who is exceptionally skilled at the use of computers.

normally of the male gender (tecgrl being the female opposite)
He is a real tecboy. He knows a lot about all of those there computer things that he uses all the time.
by shidobu November 10, 2003
short for initialization.
and in the init phase, cell mitosis can be a difficult process
by shidobu September 17, 2003
oh my god/gosh/goodness + +; an intensification of OMG.
omgpp, that roxors.
by shidobu September 17, 2003
nick remidios
fishbone was a complete n00b
by shidobu September 17, 2003

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