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a loving kind person
every body wants moore!
by David G Moore April 07, 2003
The Dominant Male, although not physically huge (or so they think). Every known 'Moore' has Naturally Dark Hair.
"He's Very Moore.."
by WootiesTrainzor October 05, 2009
one who has such big lips it looks like they have a couch for a face (couch face)
look at that dudes lips definatly a moore
by BHART posted this bitch August 16, 2011
The cure for rightwing America.
Four more Moores! Four more Moores!
by george miller March 28, 2005
A fool using stupid tools
Dave is just Moore
by Ryan MacKenzie April 07, 2003
to screw up, fuck up, call of, or by any other means call off a cool thing.
dude, we were gonna go to mexico and be wasted 24/7 & score with some mexican hookers.. but jon moore'd it up..
by jeexlabs.com August 23, 2003
THE coolest fuckin' kid who attends Devon Prep
There is only one Will Moore.
by You Know Who! May 11, 2003