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5 definitions by sixpac

big man on campus - a highly respected person, or someone in a position of authority
"gotta check with the bmoc before you make that move."
by sixpac November 07, 2003
377 85
a period of rest or sleep taken during the day
"I'm a bit tapped right now, think I'm gonna take some down time before landing that party later."
by sixpac November 22, 2003
71 7
1)exhausted, tired
"I was tapped after working that 12 hour shift."

"Buying all those shots at the bar left me tapped by last call."
by sixpac November 09, 2003
102 57
small disposable needle made of plastic,used for prevention of STD'S.
the junkies scored some fishbones from some clinic.

smart for not sharing needles, but stupid for still shooting smack.
by sixpac November 20, 2003
50 34
to have sex; getting it on
"they were skeezin' in the back seat of his car all night."
by sixpac November 09, 2003
35 27