A gay man's reference to pussy, or simply a woman's presense.
"What's this FISH doing here?!"
by hot k January 06, 2004
A person whose entire life revolves around one thing and who is perfectly happy remaining ignorant of real life and the outside world.

Like how a fish is perfectly happy inside of their bowl, not even caring that there is an entire ocean out there.
Jeremy is such a fish. All he does is go to the gym, talk about the gym, eat at the gym, and think about the gym. Does he do anything else besides the gym? No, because he's a fish.
by sicasays September 19, 2014
An abbreviation for Fuck it shit happens. May be used as a substitute for YOLO or general acceptance of a bad situation.
Alice: hey I heard you and Stacey just broke up
Corey: Ah well FISH


Lily: You sure you can handle that shot of absinthe ?
Kate: Probably not but FISH
by Otter12 August 17, 2014
A fish is a shady, untrustworthy, loser
Aub: hey do you know that guy?
Alex: Ya his names JP... He's a total fish.
by Alex&Aub May 24, 2014
An acronym for "Fuck it, Shit Happens."
You: YOLO!
Me: Fish.
by SUPA FUG DUP May 24, 2014
F=fuck I=it s=shit h=happens

Fuck it shit happens

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••By Jordan Hogg:kaeden kienge
Fish is a another yolo this Is uploaded on april 29 and let your friends know
by Fishboy•• April 30, 2014
Fishes is not a word and is not correct in any form
Look at the yellow fishes (wrong)
Look at the yellow fish (Right)
by JustfixingEnglish March 20, 2014

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