Fuck It Shit Happens
"I just got shot in the face, but FISH!"
by Oliverkush September 17, 2013
A group of artists undertaking menial tasks around the home.
How many surrealists does it take to change a light build? a fish.
by fooslayer November 07, 2011
Adj. and acronym. Fucking Illinois Shit Head (F.I.S.H.). Used to describe a driver with IL license plate on Wisconsin Roadways, or an inbred looking idiot speaking loudly in public. They usually are from IL.
That FISH just cut me off, is driving too slow, and didn't use their blinker!
by Corpsehustler July 21, 2011
girl 1: that guys a fish

girl 2: he's a what?!

girl 1: a fish-someones who's fit intelligent sexy and hot

girl 2: ohhh i agree
by LilTierneyBradshaw November 22, 2010
Someone who kisses the same way a fish breathes, this usually means not well, also causing the the guy to "fish" for the other persons tongue.
"Dude look at that guy over there, he's such a fish."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
1) Dinner
2) The smell of a vagina when not taken care of.
1) goddamn dad i hate salmon
by goddamn2345325 May 22, 2009

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