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a euphenism for fuck. when you're around people who hate swearing.
What the fish is that doing there?
I hate that lousy fu...fisher. Erm...
What the FISH??
by Lolli Queen September 06, 2005
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a term used widely in cocaine dealings. Another word for cocaine on the streets.
example of a cell phone call intercepted over a police scanner.

1. Yo, whats going on.
2. not much same ol' ya know.
1. yeah i hear ya.
2. so how is the fish looking tonight?
1. real good, i just picked it up this morning, its nice and fresh.
2. alright i will take an 8 (commonly known amongst drug users as an eight ball)
1. alright peace!

instead of saying coke, blow, snow, face, etc. Fish is widely spreading to be the knew slang to conceal the actual meaning cocaine.
by GoMohegan June 25, 2005
123 122
A gay man's reference to pussy, or simply a woman's presense.
"What's this FISH doing here?!"
by hot k January 06, 2004
63 62
A fish is a shady, untrustworthy, loser
Aub: hey do you know that guy?
Alex: Ya his names JP... He's a total fish.
by Alex&Aub May 24, 2014
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An acronym for "Fuck it, Shit Happens."
You: YOLO!
Me: Fish.
by SUPA FUG DUP May 24, 2014
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F=fuck I=it s=shit h=happens

Fuck it shit happens

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••By Jordan Hogg:kaeden kienge
Fish is a another yolo this Is uploaded on april 29 and let your friends know
by Fishboy•• April 30, 2014
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Fishes is not a word and is not correct in any form
Look at the yellow fishes (wrong)
Look at the yellow fish (Right)
by JustfixingEnglish March 20, 2014
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"Friend is shit-hole"
He's so fish!
by oledysk December 27, 2013
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