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A fire crotch is a penis or vagina with red/orange color pubic hairs. A fire crotch will most likely belong to a red head.
Ahhh look at that ginger over there. He's got a fire crotch, no doubt.
by sexayyyladayyy<3 June 14, 2009
A person who had fiery-red pubes. Thus, a crotch that looks like fire.
Oh yea, that ravishing red-head Alyssa? She's def a firecrotch.
by Ravishing red-head Rita January 26, 2010
Someone with flaming red hair that has pubic hair to match; one who has flames of red in the pubic area.
Hayley Watkins, is a total fire crotch.
by GossipGirlLovesYOU November 12, 2009
someone with hecka red pubes, also known as a forest fire.
kylin has such a firecrotch!
by Barbiegirl08:) June 09, 2009
Term Used to describe a private part with red haires pubes.
When I looked upon the beautiful woman naked, I noticed she had a fire crotch on her.

by Sparky13 March 27, 2009
A derogetory name for someone with red/ginger/orange hair, indicating that this individual has firey-hued hairs in his or her pubic region. Other names with the same meaning would be: "Rose bush," and "Cherry pie."
-Why did that guy dump his ginger girlfriend?
-He was tired of getting blisters on his dick from her firecrotch.
by Gathered Rays May 21, 2011
a person with natural red hair. red hair, means red eyebrows, and rd moustache... soooo they have red pubic hair. which resembles fire, hense fire-crotch. also referred to as gingers.
"That chick had a crazy firecrotch. when i saw her naked, i ran for the fire extinguisher."
by d'KIID November 29, 2009