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8 definitions by Sparky13

great or amazing
P dizzle is DA Shit
by Sparky13 March 26, 2009
34 13
The act of putting ones nipple in the sexual partners ass. The partner then proceeds to lick the nipple, with the shit being prominent on the nipple.
That fudge nipple was quite weird.
I will suck your vagina if you give me a fudgenipple
by Sparky13 March 03, 2009
9 1
Slang for penis
Boys have funmuscles, and girls do not.
you are a funmuscle
by Sparky13 March 03, 2009
9 2
To be alllowed in or granted entrance

I was krent in my house
by Sparky13 April 04, 2009
5 1
To make a baby, you must do the horizontal hump.
by Sparky13 March 26, 2009
5 1
Hurt or unwell
When i got bit by the lion, i got ignus and nearly died
by Sparky13 March 18, 2009
5 1
a nicer substituste for a swearword
I monkeynuggets a hot chick last night
by sparky13 July 05, 2009
2 1