a derogotory term used against red-headed people, coined by Brandon Davis so that teenage ginger girls can feel disgusting about themselves. thanks a bunch u fucking jackass.
"Firecrotch!" screamed a girl to her friend.
"Does that mean you want to talk about your pubes too?!?" screamed the redheaded girl.
by stellarstella July 10, 2008
a red headed person with red freckles and red pubic hair
paige brehm is a firecrotch
by hoe fosho December 03, 2006
A resentful term referring to a natural redhead. It is highly offensive and usually those calling a redhead this are either jealous their beauty or upset that they can't get with the redhead they desire.
Brandon Davis called Lindsay Lohan a firecrotch because he wanted her and she wouldn't have him.
by Kait K May 05, 2008
A name given to red-headed people to describe their red pubic hairs.
Devon is a fire crotch!
by chembabe87 April 29, 2008
Synonym: Lindsay Lohan
Brandon Davis on Lindsay Lohan: "We think she's a firecrotch. I mean, we don't think that, we know that, it's obvious. Red pubic hair comes from inside her. "
by antonella yayo March 22, 2007
A term used by resentful persons to describe natural redheads either because they are jealous of a redhead or attracted to a redhead that is sexually unattainable.
Brandon Davis only called Lindsey Lohan a firecrotch on camera because he knew he could never have her for himself.
by Kait MK April 21, 2008
Lindsay Lohan's nickname courtesy of Brandon Davis. Debatable as to if the insult points to red pubes, a nasty case of STD's, or her being a promiscuous whore.
Brandon Davis announced to the paparazzi that Lindsay Lohan is a firecrotch while Paris Hilton laughed nearby.
by Heather (Ya Know) November 24, 2007

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