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11 definitions by Jayme

police station
man! they want me to go to the piggery to confess
by jayme March 18, 2004
7 6
Saying something in complete seriousness.
Like fursurious, i'm not even joking! Chi Chi was totally fursurious when she said she ate poop.
by Jayme April 17, 2003
1 2
the most gayest kid i know that has a gay car and want to make it more gayer. aka dumb fuck
dustin kromarek is a inbreed sheep fucker
by jayme March 06, 2005
6 15
H.I.T. stands for "hoes in training" It was invented well, whenever hoes where.
A H.I.T. would be a Christina Agularia fan, but please don't think that a hoe is a garden rake..otherwise you may be in a 3 hour Home Depot class saying "Jayme is a fucking asshole."
by Jayme May 09, 2004
6 15
a bird
a phesant is a bird
by jayme October 10, 2003
5 15
the most dumbest kid alive
addison is a fuckin dumb ass
by jayme March 06, 2005
12 23
Lame and or cheesy, in a stinky sort of way.
Un! This place is so stale!
by Jayme April 17, 2003
5 19