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When you continuously wash your vagina without changing your panties.
Yo, Maureen has a stank ass fire crotch!
by freakish15 July 26, 2010
Paris Hilton's red haired midget cat that my friend, Courtney now owns after she quit working for Paris because she was being a bitch. Paris named the cat this because the cat has red pubes, and she wanted to make fun of Lindsey Lohan.
My friend owns Paris's cat, Firecrotch.
by Juni Cortez January 21, 2009
a person with red pubs
look at that kids hair, he must be a firecrotch
by kms April 27, 2003
so which is it vd or red pubes
red pubes born with it firecrotch ,vd found it somewhere crotch on fire .
by Rebecca188 March 08, 2008
The irritated inflamed skin that arises after a particularly aggressive waxing of the region of the crotch, characterised by fiery red welts.
Marsha: I hope this nasty fire crotch dies down before saturday night
by Fritz Walter April 18, 2009
someone suffering from std's of a nature that cause burning/itching in the crotch area.
I wouldn't mess with that girl if I were you, I heard she's got the fire crotch.
by liztastic March 15, 2009
intensely awesome in the sac due to an abundance of red pubic hair
man, that firecrotch offered a good lay lastnight
by lauren December 15, 2003