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(n) moron without a dictionary.
Laurariea doesn't know the true meaning of hense, hence she is a hense.
by Twisted_Colour March 17, 2009
74 34
An Atlanta native and artist best known for his very visible works in graffiti on the urban landscape, Hense has also shown his paintings at venues as diverse as Sandler Hudson and Young Blood Gallery.

Hense is known as his Tagline.
Check out Hense's new graffiti art on the wall.
by Malouboo April 09, 2010
33 19
therefore, so. Hense is a word that was not on urban dictionary, so i am fixing that.
that girl has a lot of spirit, hense she is fiery.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 09, 2006
38 131