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A more fervant form of finger fucking.

Usually associated with more than one finger and, occasionally, the nether hole.
I'm really in the mood to finger bang someone.
by Elroy Fitz January 31, 2004
655 222
boy band from South Park
by anonymous May 15, 2003
1648 314
The sexual act where the finger is inserting into the vagina or anus to imitate the motion of an inserted penis. Also: finger, fingerfuck.
Before we had intercourse, he proceeded to arouse me first by fingerbanging my vagina.
by Steven March 26, 2003
1261 310
1) when you shape your finger like a gun and go bang bang!

2) the name of the boy band Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny made that Wendy joined

3) to pleasure a woman with your hands in her pussy or ass or even to a man via the ass
Cactus Jack's signiture taunt was to finger bang and say "Bang, Bang".

"I'm gonna finger bang, bang you all through the night. I'm gonna finger bang, bang into my life.

I finger banged Michelle last night. She obviously liked it cause she giggled and moaned during it.
by M!ch@3l September 18, 2005
603 281
An extremely talented boyband featuring Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Randy Marsh.
"I'm gonna fingerbang bang you in to my life."

genius words from the guys themselves
by hiphophead293847 January 12, 2010
474 234
when a guy sticks his fingers fast up a girls pussy and rubs and pets inside
he pulled off my thong, and stuck his fingers half way up my pussy and rubbed my walls, then fast pushed then up all the way, jamming and petting me inside roughly, fingerbanging me
by quealana October 07, 2007
420 284