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BAMMED (n./adj.)

1.)An Occurrence of Being Dissed (e.g. To Be Dissed)
2.)Being put Back in your Place
3.)To Get Owned or Pwnd during an Objective
Shaun: Why So Dry Guy?

Elfresh: So i asked out this Amazingly Beautiful Female today and she Definitely Bammed me bro

Shaun: Yeah females are like that. Friend Zone?

Elfresh: Yeah man, but i got over it.
by Elfresh January 31, 2011
1. To be severely owned.
2. Having your arse kicked badly.
3. Slapped down like an insignificant piece of shit.
1. I sucked so much in that game I got BAMMED.
2. You're such a victim dude - we bammed you!
3. "You're a poofwagon homobobo asschomper" "BAMMED!!"
by Sticks May 28, 2004
To be made a fool of; To make a fool of; To confound or prove wrong; embarrasing someone: Being embarrased... to be competely owned.

a synonym for the words like owned, pwned, burned etc.
"oh you just got bammed!"
by that one movie November 29, 2006
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