1. Term usually used by African Americans to replace the words "going to."

2. Limb of a fish used to propel itself forward.
1. Yo im fin to beat that cracka's ass!

2. With his little fin, dumb nemo ran away from his father.
by the one and onIy January 03, 2009
Fifty. Most commonly used as 50 points NBA 2k12.
Guy 1: Im finna go for the fin with Carmelo again.

Guy 2: Man Carmelo is cheat codes in this game.
by Bbopforeal April 06, 2013
a mildly eccentric person with zest for life. fins are fiends for their respective eclectic activities. they live life with passion, silliness and fin-esse.
"you're such a fin!"
by ali-fin October 30, 2006
Fin is a person who is sporty,loving, attractive and a great kisser.

He is also a rough person.
Oh wow, he is so flirty and smooth he is a fin.
by Sally the best December 16, 2015
Someone who is an asshole when you are not as good as them.
I didn't really know how to play this game and this guy called me a retard. What a fin.
by sutef July 29, 2011
FIN or fin. meaning: finished as in FINished, The End, done, completed. like at the end of foreign non-english movies where it says FIN to tell you that the movie is done, over, finished. The End. FIN.
The movie is FIN.

All Fin.
Are you fin yet?
by iwantgizm0s May 01, 2010
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