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1.)A five dollar bill (U.S. or Canadian Currency)
2.)A half gram of chronic
3.)Or buying a half dime for a fin.
(Dime is .8 weighed out in chronic)
"Can I get a half a g"
"Yea sure throw me that fin"
by jack October 31, 2004
to say fuck in an most entirely awesome way
That was F'in COOL!
This F'in sucks
by john haskell February 16, 2006
Fifty. Most commonly used as 50 points NBA 2k12.
Guy 1: Im finna go for the fin with Carmelo again.

Guy 2: Man Carmelo is cheat codes in this game.
by Bbopforeal April 06, 2013
Someone who is an asshole when you are not as good as them.
I didn't really know how to play this game and this guy called me a retard. What a fin.
by sutef July 29, 2011
FUNNY IN the MOMEMT. An event in which it was very funny but not as funny as it was in the actual moment.
Valerie: Remember that one time when you fell?
Jennfier: yeah....that was f.i.n
by peanutjane April 12, 2011
5 dollar bill in canada or a 5 peice (.5 grams of weed)
Guy1-"yo I got a fins, I just have to go pick it up"
Guy2- "Why not call up crazy joe, he delivers"
by Bo Vicious July 05, 2007
an adjective in hipster language describing something that is not cool or deck
That hairstyle is fin.
by hipsterhelp February 06, 2011