Definition 1: A half a man with a half a finger. Someone who played for the CBA, got nowhere and now he sells toilets for a living.

*A half a finger deserves a half a word, so the word "fin-ger" is now just "fin".
Dan: Hey Tony, what happened to your finger? Was it chopped off by a snapping pussy?

Tony: Yea, probably. That's not the only thing I lost in there!

Dan: Awe..., cry me a river :(
by James Werdsbond July 12, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA slang for $5. Probably used in a lot of cities though, but through my travels I have only heard it here. Even some suits and ties in Pittsburgh know what a "fin" is, but they get red-faced because it usually reminds them of their not-so-perfect pasts until they wore those suits haha.
Used at flea markets, bars, and on the streets. At a flea market, if an item is priced at say $8 or $10, you say "no way I'll only give ya' a fin for it; only a fin!" At some local bars, "hey how much is a Long Island Iced Tea?" And the bartender replies, "a fin".
by Not A Somali Pirate November 15, 2008
The Fin=n.,sexual intercourse.

"Finning"=v., actually doing the act.
ex."Hey man did ya get the fin?"n.

Derives from "finishing someone off"
it can be a noun and also a verb.

ex."What did you do all day? Fin'in it."
by Phipps H. November 12, 2007
to replace the word about
i'm fin to go change my shoes.
by Meagan August 23, 2003
A slang term for penis.

It potentially refers to some sort of penile deformity.
Joe kicked me right in the fin.

I was doing the backstroke when that girl's top fell off. My fin started showing. I felt like Jaws.
by Beraz April 18, 2010
a five point star, gang symbol, almost all gangs run under it except for gangsta disciples, black or spanish disciples, and a few others.
"man, i promise im tellin the truth, i put that on the fin"
by chitown princess April 02, 2009
A noun used to describe sexual intercourse - is usually used by someone who has an obsession with sharks or sea creatures.

Can be used interchangeably with the word ass.
Kyle: I was gettin' some fin last night - it was hot!

Morality Preacher: Whoa, whoa little pup - you're not even a shark yet. You should wait a few years before tappin' that fin ;)

Kyle: Yay Morals!
by TheShark06 October 28, 2006

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