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Obliterated. So drugged up and drunk that you don't know anything anymore. Except that you're having one hell of a good time. Easily accomplished when you get high and drink then snort cocaine, then drink again.
Say, my good sir, do you want to get blasted tonight?
by Fecalator May 27, 2004
A $20 bill. A sawbuck is a $10 bill.
You got that double sawbuck you owed me?
by Fecalator December 08, 2004
See cocaine.
Hello, I'm looking for a contractor that can help me out getting some dry wall installed. What are the rates?
by Fecalator June 22, 2004
Coked up beyond reason. Eyes wide open, head tilted back and an expression on the face like going 140mph in a drop top.
Man, I am snapped up.
by Fecalator May 27, 2004
A $5 dollar bill.

Next step up is a sawbuck ($10) or a dobule sawbuck ($20).

It's not so much related to drugs as it's related to Italian-American slang.
Where's that fin you owed me?!
by Fecalator December 08, 2004
29 centimeters. The traditional length of a balisong (butterfly knife). Approxiamatly 11.4 inches, of which the blade makes up for about 5 inches and the handle the rest.
I have numerous cuts on my hands from playing with my 29.
by Fecalator June 22, 2004
Chicago American-Italian slang for money.
Hey, yo, Mikey got some zort?
by Fecalator May 27, 2004

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