Abbreviation for Fuckin' - pronounced "eff-in"
That guy is a big fin J.
by Ess Pee May 11, 2006
A $5 dollar bill.

Next step up is a sawbuck ($10) or a dobule sawbuck ($20).

It's not so much related to drugs as it's related to Italian-American slang.
Where's that fin you owed me?!
by Fecalator December 08, 2004
a person who makes u very happy. i think mine is the specialist. also known as dougle
o look there's fin *runs n hugs*
by buttercup January 29, 2005
a half a dime of weed. a dime is .8
"I only got 5 bucks, so I'm only gettn a fin."
by Fini August 08, 2004
half a gram of weed
Yo Jay, this is only a .3! What the fuck! I paid for a fin!
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 13, 2003
the opposite of "deck"... very uncool... if you are deck... you have a serious case of the uncool gene
"you're so fin!"
by the dudette October 28, 2003
bad--the opposite of deck
Avril Lavigne is so fin.
by PoMomatador April 28, 2003

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