FIN or fin. meaning: finished as in FINished, The End, done, completed. like at the end of foreign non-english movies where it says FIN to tell you that the movie is done, over, finished. The End. FIN.
The movie is FIN.

All Fin.
Are you fin yet?
by iwantgizm0s May 01, 2010
Noun. People and Mer-Folk who are Fans of the Artist/Mermaid Meridian Mer-Gyver from In The Eyes of March.
"Welcome All my Fins!!!"

"To all my Fins, I couldn't have done it without you!"
by Meridian Mer-Gyver February 25, 2013
friends with benefits
Mick and john are fins as they claim they are nt in a relationship but sleep with each other all the time.
by the new age October 07, 2011
To fall off of something.
Also finned
Guy falls off a ledge

Friend "way to fin"

Guy "fuck, I finned"
by sutef July 30, 2011
FUNNY IN the MOMEMT. An event in which it was very funny but not as funny as it was in the actual moment.
Valerie: Remember that one time when you fell?
Jennfier: yeah....that was f.i.n
by peanutjane April 12, 2011
an adjective in hipster language describing something that is not cool or deck
That hairstyle is fin.
by hipsterhelp February 06, 2011
a mildly eccentric person with zest for life. fins are fiends for their respective eclectic activities. they live life with passion, silliness and finesse.
"you're such a fin!"
"stop fin-ing!"
by Ali -fin November 05, 2006

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