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FIN or fin. meaning: finished as in FINished, The End, done, completed. like at the end of foreign non-english movies where it says FIN to tell you that the movie is done, over, finished. The End. FIN.
The movie is FIN.

All Fin.
Are you fin yet?
by iwantgizm0s May 01, 2010
11 12
A 5$ bill, US or Canadian
I mowed the guy's lawn, and all he gave me was a fin.
by MilesBehind January 17, 2003
471 185
Adjective used to describe one with an outstanding personality.

‘Fins’ are thoughtful, charming, handsome and incredibly helpful. They are also known for being exceptionally intelligent, and always giving good company.

They generally prefer the night.

'Fins' Take advantage of those who just don't get sarcasm :l
Fins are one in a million.
They’re hard to find, but damn lucky to have.
by iwontremember August 01, 2009
301 145
spanish for "the end" or conclusion of something.
El fin del programa de television
by roque November 28, 2003
316 170
fin(form of finna)
fin to
meaning: about, about to do something
Im fin to go to the store
by keila March 28, 2005
277 161
A shortened version of "fixing".
I'm fi'n to go to the club.
by Mace November 07, 2003
187 130
the opposite of deck, similar to outdated terms like "wack" and "lame." Something that is fin is bad or undesirable.
did you see her giving me devil eyes? *ugh* that is so fin.
by dislocatedelbows May 25, 2003
146 103
1. Term usually used by African Americans to replace the words "going to."

2. Limb of a fish used to propel itself forward.
1. Yo im fin to beat that cracka's ass!

2. With his little fin, dumb nemo ran away from his father.
by the one and onIy January 03, 2009
78 41