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it can relate to a person and how they act. adj.
'Andrew is Filth!'
by Scieh May 10, 2004
10 11
a beautiful nectar beverage, the colour of urine, that is the most tasty yet lethal cocktail one can drink. leads to incontenence, sleazing and bad banter
"i wet myself again last night, bloody filth.."
by the pokey pan July 10, 2008
2 4
Urban Dictionary.com
Urban Dictionary is largely filth and vile vulgarity.
by Louie Seven January 04, 2005
16 18
Fatty id like to fu*k
Check out that F.I.L.T.H over there
by edsmize April 25, 2011
0 3
FILTH - acronym: Father I'd Like To Hump; similar to MILF or for the geriphilos, GILF. Also FILTHY - an interjection and direct-address form of FILTH.
Bambina to Sexy Elder: "YO! FILTHY!"
Translation: "YO! Father, I'd Like To Hump You."
by begabung22 September 06, 2005
10 13
1.Dirty,naughty,sexual acts.
2.See Eric Gotti for demonstration
I wana do filth with you!
You wana do filth?
Pure filth!
by Alex April 12, 2005
7 10
basically an insult to things saying they are bad and crap
it can mean whateva u want as long as its bad
schoolfilth = school dinners
filthin = givin a dirty look, daggers , or speaking in a snarled way
i got filth on me = i got fluff, dirt, dust, any junk on clothes
filth tape/ sticky notes/ pen or anythin else= really cheap, dnt work properly
by ko. and je, partners in crime! November 14, 2008
2 6