An Absoltely nasty pitch in baseball
Did you just see Ned Donkle's hook, it was filth
by NED DONKLE March 08, 2005
The deepest staglamite of a vagina cave.
Sometimes called the "mostmoist."
The cream udha crop uhda gummy gumdrop.
Stony: It hilt the filth last night with Becca.

Jay: Yeah, but I cleaned up Ali's filthier filth.

Stony: You win, Ali's filthy.
by OfficialSchmitty April 03, 2014
noun: Father I'd Like To Hump. Counterpart to the MILF.
Oh, how cute. Look at that hot dad with his kids. Damn, he's a FILTH!
by Martina5 August 07, 2010
Filth - Refers to something evil, dark, or awesome, using the world filth to describe how fucking good it is.
Limewax, SPL, Counterstrike - Killing Machine (Filth drum and bass track)

Xenomorph - Shaari Avadon (Filth psytrance song)

by Filfy November 28, 2006
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