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6 definitions by cherrypicker

The governmental department charged with the regulation and control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent and detect crime, i.e. the police.
the filth were fuckin' everywhere.
by cherrypicker August 27, 2006
The question often asked, when a foulness beyond belief emanates from where the sun don't shine.
When I first blew off in front of my future wife, she asked increduously, 'What died up there?'
by cherrypicker March 16, 2007
a rotten stench eminating from a truly putrid arse (ass).
They didn't call him 'foul bowel Donnelly' for nothing!
by cherrypicker October 27, 2006
(ironically) Are you a homosexual?
A guy at work is singing along to the radio, in a high pitched girly voice. To subtly make fun of him, one of workmates asks, 'Were you in the choir?'
by cherrypicker September 12, 2006
underpass (subway in UK)
We'll go through the thugway.
by cherrypicker March 16, 2007
Widely regarded by many well balanced and knowledgeable people associated with Association Football, (including Maradona, and Johan Cruijff amoungst others), to be the most fervent and passionate football fans in Europe, if not the world.
Can you hear the kopites roar? 'We are the champions, Champions of Europe'.
by cherrypicker August 27, 2006