Like fuggedaboudit, filth can have a number of uses.
1. General mess.
2. Greasy, fatty, sodium-rich food.
3. Hot, easy women that have probably been with many men.
1. Someone clean up this filth.
2. We went out and had some Jim's cheesesteaks, quality filth.
3. Fred's going out looking for filthy animals.
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
Used to describe a situation, or a sporting event, where somebody does something to you to screw you over, in the face of imminent defeat.
Jonny: I can't possibly win this pool game, so I'm going to snooker Ryan and take the easy option.

Matt: Oh shit, here comes some filth.
Chris: Thats filth.
Ryan: Filth.
Charlie: Filth.
by Steeman April 28, 2005
simply a word used when there are no words to describe the sickness of something
dave thats a filth jacket

the surf was filth yesty
by larry May 24, 2004
What soccer moms consider TV, radio and internet to be.
LOOK AT ALL THIS FILTH! Sex, violence and sheer drivel!
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 13, 2003
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