1. Dirty, Naughty,Sexual things
2. See Eric Gotti for demonstration
1.I wana do filth with you
2.You wana do filth?
3.Eric n Dan are the kings of filthiness
4.Got filth?
by Alex April 12, 2005
F.I.L.T.H. = Failed In London Try Hong Kong
That piece of filth you hired couldn't get a job cleaning toilets in London!
by jbtokyo@gmail.com July 20, 2006
A way of describing modern dance music in a positive sense.
Particularly Dubstep or 2-Step.
"That track was as Filthy as a Council House Kitchen!"
by Lynx_Pardinus March 16, 2010
Used without extention of the "y", can be used to describe something extremley good or exciting.
"check out that car bro"-
"awwww thats filth!"

"Im going out tonight it should be filth"
by Karen Leake January 29, 2003
Slang vernacular nickname for police constables and police officers. Used primarily by criminals and/or those who harbour an unfavourable viewpoint of law enforcement.

The term originated in what is today the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where it is still used today by many people.

It is rarely used as a term of endearment towards the police.

It is also used occasionally in the United States of America, although many other nicknames prevail there.
"Oi! It's the bloody filth! Get your arse out of here, mate!"

"Oi, look at you bumbling about like a bunch of schoolgirls. It could've been the bloody filth up in here and you'd all have been nicked."

"Oi, don't mess with the bloody filth, you tosser."

"Oi! That's what happens, when you mess with the filth. You get nicked, crim."
by The Right Honourable Laqueesha November 20, 2011

George Michael is looking at a picture of Boy George.

"God damn, what a nice piece of F.I.L.T.H."
by Peter Eaton December 09, 2006
the true scum of deer park, named drae white - filthy rank stinking scum.
drae you are filth
by thisisthetruthdraeisfilth November 21, 2010

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