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Fucking Forever
"God Ameer, You take ffe in the bathroom"
by shemer77 January 26, 2010
"fuckers, fuckers everywhere"
I went to work in a good mood, but my day soured because there were FFE.
by Kathy G. June 03, 2009
For Fucking Ever
"Yo dude why haven't you returned my calls? I've been trapped in this dungeon for 17 weeks."

"Sorry man, I've been waiting ffe for iPhone maps to load."
by peaceupdubtowndown April 04, 2013
Friends frolicing eternally. A friend can be your best friend forever, but if you have to frolic with someone for eternity, they better be worth hanging out with for eternity, rather than just forever. A much better friend than your BFF, or even the BFFF. They are the supreme friend among friends.
Friend1: Hey, i know you've been having a rough week, so I made you blueberry buttermilk cornmeal pancakes for breakfast. And I was going to save that bottle of maple syrup that we got from that from Vermont for a special occasion, but I think this is special enough.
Friend2: Holy fuck. I want to frolic for eternity with you.
Friend1: Well, you're my FFE too.
by calvinke November 09, 2010
because fml has no meaning anymore.
but its basically to be used in the same context as FML.
Person 1: "everyone is talking about how you fucked that guy behind the sheds"
Person 2: "urgh, FFE."
by stokesss March 08, 2010
fantastic fucking experience
Me and my girlfriend gave that bitch a FFE last night, she came back for more the next day.
by Kuuja June 13, 2008
Favorite Fuck Ever
Michelle: OMG I had the best birthday!!! My FFE came to town!

Madeline: I thought he just lived a few miles from you?

Michelle: No, no - that's my BFF! This is a whole new realm of favoritism!

Madeline: Ohh.. you’re talking about that Sexpot aren’t you?? I bet he was a yummy present!!

Michelle: God, I love my sexual prime!!

Madeline: LOL – so does he!!
by MsHeathen April 24, 2009
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