Male who is generally believed extremely hot by everyone.
Funny, Cool, and Crazy, you will find yourself LUCKY, to be befriended by an "Ameer"
That kid is hot and funny who is he?

That's Ameer
by Jim Shady June 26, 2013
1. usually a male of tan complexion, who by appearance is difficult to label nationality. Has many friends but does not fit in to a general stereotype. 2. A person who is often mistaken of being indigenous to many various parts of the world but hardly from where their true nationality. 3. A male or female who refers to their own skin tone to be 'velvety cocoa' instead of simply brown.
Sally: "I always see that kid around, who does he hang out with?" John: "no one in particular, he just drifts between groups...he's kind of the ameer of the school."
by mr.velvetyCocoa January 19, 2010
An Arabic first name meaning prince, people usually with this name are funny, sexy and romantic. Super delicious male humanoid and incredible in bed. More Foreigners have the name 'Ameer' than the arabs do.

'So who you completely mind blowingly over heels in love with this time?'


'aaaaah understandable'


Ameer already did that!

I wish I was as cool as Ameer!

When I grow up, I want to be just as cool as Ameer.

Ameer is my hero.


Ameerrrr.. Oh, Ameerrrr..
by 69errrr June 08, 2013
husband of Harshini.

From an imperial indian court, Ameer of Patel and Harshini of Pradabane were wed in order for Ameer to keep hold of the throne. Ameer was known for following his wife's orders and in some slang terms the name means 'follower' or sometimes used in a derogatory manner to mean 'victim' and/or 'servant'.

Term usually used to refer to men who are seen as second to their wife or partner.
'She has an Ameer'
'They are like Harshini and Ameer'
'Don't be an Ameer'
by anonymouz101 June 10, 2009
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