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From the movie Pineapple Express. Basically the male version of BFF
Nah dude, we're not BFF, we're B triple F (BFFF)
by Fhrita May 23, 2009
Best Fuckin' Friends Forever.
The next logical step beyond best friends and Best Friends Forever. (Has nothing to do with sex)
Me and Todd went through one hellacious scrape together. And we came out of that BFFF's
by Kortan Askew August 11, 2008
Made popular in the movie Pineapple Express, it means best fucking friends forever. It does not have to mean friends with benefits.
We're bfffs dude.
by bfff August 09, 2008
best fucking friends forever. more powerful than saying bff, which just means best friends forever
Saul: BFFF?
Dale: Best Fuckin' Friends Forever, man!
-Pineapple Express
by sethrogan September 02, 2008
Best Facebook Friend Forever
Been fighting with my baby daddy. He was talkin smack on FB. But its all good. My girl posted a nasty reply. She's got my back! We're BFFFF!
by Piihere January 05, 2011
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