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Adjective. Bad, disgusting, undesirable, revolting. Backconstruction from verb "fester".
"Awww, Mum! That broccoli is really festy."
by Skyring August 17, 2004
"Festy" describes anything that is dirty and/or smelly. It is particularly used to describe people, but may be used to refer to objects or animals.
Eew! You smell festy!
That guy is so festy.
I'm not touching that festy bandage.
Don't let your festy dog into my house.
by Luke January 08, 2005
(noun) A person who lives to go to music festivals. A sort of lovechild of a hippie and a raver. Commonly sporting one or two dreadlocks and/or a partially shaved head. Loves face paint, henna, anything glow-in-the-dark, tattoos, music (especially dubstep, electronic, indie, folk, alternative), eastern/new age themed religions, hallucinogens and hula hoops. They generally refer to festivals as "home." Rainbow Gathering and Burning Man are the Meccas of festies.
Joanna and all of her festy friends rented a bus to drive to Burning Man.

Mitch: I can't even afford toilet paper, man. I bought tickets to Sasquatch, Coachella, Shambhala, AND Burning Man.
Joe: Dude, you're such a festy.
Mitch: What can I say. Festivals are home.
by cad_dy January 15, 2013
That tiny bit of weed left on the table which all the fiends scrape up regardless of other debris on the table and smoke it.
Me: Man don't smoke that, that's festies.
Fiend: Nah man this is good stuff.
Me: *Facepalm*
by Anonystoner July 13, 2009
Festy - noun. - middle english, 13th century.

1. A person who attends festivals and events and revels in the festive spirit of being with other like-minded individuals at fun gatherings.
2. A person addicted to going to festivals
3. A person who loves fun-filled gatherings of festive cheer
Elizabeth had traveled to all the food festivals in the tri-state area, she was a food festy who knew where the best dishes were being served.
by Jdbd89 December 04, 2013
fake besties
Danielle; hey see that kid over there?
Eddie;Yeah why?
Danielle;he's one of my festies
by eddyarias September 23, 2011
Crawling with maggots.
That corpse is really festy.
by P. D. Jackson July 06, 2005
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