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(noun) A person who lives to go to music festivals. A sort of lovechild of a hippie and a raver. Commonly sporting one or two dreadlocks and/or a partially shaved head. Loves face paint, henna, anything glow-in-the-dark, tattoos, music (especially dubstep, electronic, indie, folk, alternative), eastern/new age themed religions, hallucinogens and hula hoops. They generally refer to festivals as "home." Rainbow Gathering and Burning Man are the Meccas of festies.
Joanna and all of her festy friends rented a bus to drive to Burning Man.

Mitch: I can't even afford toilet paper, man. I bought tickets to Sasquatch, Coachella, Shambhala, AND Burning Man.
Joe: Dude, you're such a festy.
Mitch: What can I say. Festivals are home.
by cad_dy January 15, 2013

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