A closer bond then best friends,'besties'. Someone who is always around, so it seems as though you're not a loner. This person should also depend on you, sort of like a parasite.
Eden and I have been festies ever since year nine.
by Tammy18 May 02, 2008
Something that is very distusting.
That cat looks festy
by arian May 31, 2003
a music festival
"Dude, did you book a hotie (hippiespeak for hotel) for the festy yet?"
by steve11122222 February 10, 2010
1. A female who's face is freckley, pimpley and moley.
2. Anything seedy or disgusting .
1. That chick is festy!
2. That bong needs a clean, its gettin' festy hardcore.
by Diego September 16, 2003
A generalised term for an apathetic westy who has no concerns over hygiene or neatness.
Person A: "Festy, your room is pretty rank!"
Festy: "Meh"
by LT GMan June 24, 2006

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