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brilliant rock band even with the death of john lee. anyone who calls them pop is a) a scally or b) a person with no taste in music.
wow man feeder r great, but i'm glad they moshed on that scally
by insitiona December 08, 2003
a primitive being who wears tracksuits with the bottoms firmly tucked into blue sports socks. wears mostly adidas classic as these are all they can afford. mostly seen wearing le coq sportif tops and fake jewelry, females sporting large amounts of makeup and stupidly large 0 carat earings. the male often communicates using a variety of grunts and slang words, no longer than 5/6 words in length, and extremely jumbled up. the female usually conceives at 16, at which point the male runs away. they are usually seen in groups of 5, at which point they attempt to act hard. however, when comfronted singlely, they run away saying "get my mate on u" or "fu** u".fin is a good example of a scally. at the driving age they can be seen traveling in "modded" cars, usually vauxhall nova's or rovers. these have giant exhausts and heavy alloy wheels, which make the car incredibly slow. also the car may be seen with blacked out windows and/or dark tail lights. usually these cars acheive a top speed of 20MPH, and can be seen driving around certain places. once a place has been found, the scally will wait for other scallys and form a group to try and race these modded cars. usually metro's are chosen to be raced as these are as crap as the modded cars, however they have been known to challenge non modded cars that they think are crap.. and usually lose. at that point they resort to excuses such as "my car aint workin" or "ill get you again". the cars also have massive speakers that play the same repetitive tune over and over again. usually deafness ensues, and as the scally writhes in aghony whilst thinking that the radios broke, the scally crashes and blames it on other things.

compiled by scally hater 2000
fin and various other people are great examples of scallys
by insitiona December 08, 2003
a short person with a crooked front tooth and a brace. gives up on everything and is called gay and stuff by mark campbell. hates life and hopes to die
chinko is cool
by insitiona December 08, 2003
also said as biff. an insult to say oh god that is crap or a word to replace a swearword
oh biff
you biffa
by insitiona December 08, 2003
jumping around like a maniac in a "pit" to rock music, shoving people around and stuff, and beating the shit out of scallies
wow great song, lets mosh
by insitiona December 08, 2003
means french connection UK, but scllies think it says: go f**k the c**t of your muther
oi you, go FCUK
by insitiona December 08, 2003
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