a descriptive word for someone who loves food too much!!!
One fat Kirsty......
by kimmy1987 May 11, 2010
Big or large.
high in weight.
Sarah is undeniably fat, didn't you see her body at warped tour?
by warpedfatass August 24, 2009
Fashionable Artistic Trendsetter

(Started in the New York City Area)

yo man i hear them kids, Erge and Sticky are F.A.T
by Erge Rocas July 15, 2008
Advantageously placed, sitting pretty.
"His old man's the CEO, he's fat".
1950's British Armed Forces slang, especially Navy.
by Charles Board December 11, 2007
ferociously amazing/awesome/attractive teenagers.
oh god! alex heidi rachie and erika are so f.a.t!
by xheidirocks June 20, 2007
Also known as "Phat", is a term used to describe deep satisfaction with something. Today the younger generations use slang like "sick" or "cool" or "off the hook" or "awesome" or "wicked"...but fat is a slightly dated term that still has a subtle charm to it. Now and then a slightly older young person will say something is fat, but middle aged people would call something "boss" or "far out"..
1."Yo son, did you see the review for that new batman game? That shit looks FAT, yo!"

2."So she swallowed too?" -"yeah, that bitch's head game is fat.."
by eeeyyyaaayyyyuuuhh August 30, 2009
new definition of FART as of 11:40 p.m. on April 9, 2009.
jon salamak fatted and chris smelled it.
by lilflowerr. April 09, 2009

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