Advantageously placed, sitting pretty.
"His old man's the CEO, he's fat".
1950's British Armed Forces slang, especially Navy.
by Charles Board December 11, 2007
Will Van Denk's mom.
Will, your mom's FAT!
by Kevin Rowe May 12, 2003
Among fans of certain 1960s-1990s bands (The Grateful Dead), used when something or someone is held in high regard. Don't know exactly what it stands for (I've asked), but Fine and Tasty, Fantastic and Terrific, Fabulous, Awesome and Tremendous would fit the bill.

Adj : From drug slang, so it may be comparing the thing or person to high quality marijuana. "Fatty" is used in the same manner.

Adj : In drug slang: a marijuana cigarette or joint containing high quality marijuana (possibly itself originating from the acronym FAT).
Those egg rolls are FAT!

We shared a FAT doobie and now I'm floating.
by lu_b June 15, 2011
a descriptive word for someone who loves food too much!!!
One fat Kirsty......
by kimmy1987 May 11, 2010
A woman weighing over 100 pounds in Hollywood.
Dude # 1: That chick is FATT...

Dude # 2: Did you just come from Hollywood or something?
by HM17 January 25, 2010
Big or large.
high in weight.
Sarah is undeniably fat, didn't you see her body at warped tour?
by warpedfatass August 24, 2009
new definition of FART as of 11:40 p.m. on April 9, 2009.
jon salamak fatted and chris smelled it.
by lilflowerr. April 09, 2009

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