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ferociously amazing/awesome/attractive teenagers.
oh god! alex heidi rachie and erika are so f.a.t!
by xheidirocks June 20, 2007
4 6
In Hollywood, if you don't have naturally small boobs, and if you take any more then a size 2 and weigh more then 95 pounds, your the fattest person alive.
''I take a size 5 and I weigh 125 pounds''.
''GOSH! You are so frickin fat, you SO need to diet''.

''I'm a size 00 and I weigh 83 pounds''.
''Atchually, you could lose like 7 more pounds, and THEN you'll be average. But unfortunately, your still very fat''.
by skinnychick August 21, 2011
3 7
A woman weighing over 100 pounds in Hollywood.
Dude # 1: That chick is FATT...

Dude # 2: Did you just come from Hollywood or something?
by HM17 January 25, 2010
10 14
Fashionable Artistic Trendsetter

(Started in the New York City Area)

yo man i hear them kids, Erge and Sticky are F.A.T
by Erge Rocas July 15, 2008
1 5
Will Van Denk's mom.
Will, your mom's FAT!
by Kevin Rowe May 12, 2003
12 16
People who cannot help there disease, fat people suffer from A terrible disease, symptoms include (but not limited too) food tasting good, food tasting extremal good, food magically finding its way to ones mouth or hand, the Erg to eat small rodents and animals, being terrified of salad's/Fruit (especially lettuce its like the fat persons kryptonite), small children and house hold object orbiting the fat person, feeling like your the sexiest person on the planet, feeling the need to ware a bikini even though they make you look like freshly made sausages (you know the ones that are tied in a knot between each one?) and using the term "big boned" when called fat. If you find your self suffering form any of these symptoms please contact a local physician, or the nearest witch doctor if you cant fit into the Doctors Office
Bob- My God John You Are Fat!

John- No I'm Not

Bob- John Little Jimmy From Next Door And Your TV Are Orbiting Around You! Hey, Where'd That sausage Come From?

John- Hey this is a disease to us Big Boned people

Bob- dont you think you should see a doctor?
by TheOrangeType August 26, 2011
4 9
Geo's definition of fat:

Fat /fat/ adjective, fat·ter, fat·test.

Disgustingly disappointing; not able to perform or behave in an acceptable manner.

Syn. lame
Ex1: Dude, you're being fat right now by not coming to the show with us.

Es2: Dude I was so disappointed with that performance; It was pretty fat.
by The Creator of Fat August 18, 2011
1 6