Somebody or something that is cool awesome."That ride is really FAT!!Hit the hydros!!",Hey Girl that hairdo you got done looks FAT!!"(ref: 80's talk)
by massivet33 November 27, 2015
Hey bro! I met this new girl she is amazing!

*sees girl*
Awh no man! That's Kenny's ex gf fats that bitch is crazy af.
by Jessme611 February 19, 2014
Fat /fat/ adjective, fat·ter, fat·test.
Disgustingly disappointing; not able to perform or behave in an acceptable manner.
Ex1: Dude, you're being fat right now by not coming to the show with us.
Ex2: Dude I was so disappointed with that performance; It was pretty fat.
by SpiderBat :D August 18, 2011
1. noun: slang, acronym used to descibe someone who is extremely attactive, (fine and tempting) also known as phat (pretty hot and tempting)

2. adjective: term used to describe the size and effectiveness of a joint, doobie, or marijuna cigarette
1. Dude, you see that girl over there? She is fat (phat)! I'm taking that home to mama!

2. As soon as I get home, I am gonna roll me up a fat one and get f**ked up
by noangel1987 September 19, 2009
Fucking Ass Terrorist
Jeff: Wow, look at Josh, hes so dumb
Jake: Yea, i know, hes a F.A.T.
Jeff: Hahaha Yes, he so totally is!
by DragAmen April 06, 2009
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