Are cells the body uses to store energy.


An adjective used to describe some one who is either above recommended weight in fat or over misunderstood Idea of weight in fat which is usually one number set for all people regardless of hight ,sex, level of fitness, and sometimes age. the adjective form of fat is also confused with other words like unhealthy, lazy, and ugly.
In a negative use: Get away from me and take your ugly fat with you.

In a neutral use: I fell that you being fat may not be good for your health

In a positive use: Your fat, but you make it look good.
by The shinny shadow March 25, 2011
An acronym for 'Fucking Awesome Tits'
That hoe has some FAT
by ticklepoop May 17, 2009
The technique of performing oral sex on a woman while at the same time penetrating her with one or more fingers. Hence, Finger. And. Tounge
My girl loves when i use the F.A.T. technique on her.
by Tha Morgasm June 15, 2008
Massive, will do well, excellent, to describe the huge enjoyment for an object or thing such as music or a film.
'that new tune is fat'.
by Long Johns July 01, 2011
Fucking Ass Terrorist
Jeff: Wow, look at Josh, hes so dumb
Jake: Yea, i know, hes a F.A.T.
Jeff: Hahaha Yes, he so totally is!
by DragAmen April 06, 2009
F.A.T stands for Fucking Ass Tard. It can be used as a great comeback. You just call someone FAT and they shut up. It is great, especially when they do not know what it means.
Joe "you are an ass wipe"

Bob " Well you're F.A.T!!!!
by Tig2 March 04, 2008
(adj.) A word stuck-up people use to get attention or to insult someone they hate. A terrible, overused comeback.

In the media's eyes, someone whose bones don't show.
Person 1: "Look at me! I'm soooooo fat!"
Person 2: "No you're not."

"I don't know why he's with her. She's fat."
by chelsbeeler August 17, 2014

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