An enduring name for a fat person who is a very good friend.
Hey Fats, good to see you again buddy!
by DreamsL0ST June 17, 2005
Will Van Denk's mom.
Will, your mom's FAT!
by Kevin Rowe May 12, 2003
In Hollywood, if you don't have naturally small boobs, and if you take any more then a size 2 and weigh more then 95 pounds, your the fattest person alive.
''I take a size 5 and I weigh 125 pounds''.
''GOSH! You are so frickin fat, you SO need to diet''.

''I'm a size 00 and I weigh 83 pounds''.
''Atchually, you could lose like 7 more pounds, and THEN you'll be average. But unfortunately, your still very fat''.
by skinnychick August 21, 2011
Among fans of certain 1960s-1990s bands (The Grateful Dead), used when something or someone is held in high regard. Don't know exactly what it stands for (I've asked), but Fine and Tasty, Fantastic and Terrific, Fabulous, Awesome and Tremendous would fit the bill.

Adj : From drug slang, so it may be comparing the thing or person to high quality marijuana. "Fatty" is used in the same manner.

Adj : In drug slang: a marijuana cigarette or joint containing high quality marijuana (possibly itself originating from the acronym FAT).
Those egg rolls are FAT!

We shared a FAT doobie and now I'm floating.
by lu_b June 15, 2011
A woman weighing over 100 pounds in Hollywood.
Dude # 1: That chick is FATT...

Dude # 2: Did you just come from Hollywood or something?
by HM17 January 25, 2010
Cool, amazing, pretty mad
deadly, radd.
"Hey Jimmy, guess what?"
"well I dunno Jenny, what?"
"I wakeboard Jimmy, I can wakeboard!"
"Thats fuckin' fat Jenny!"
"uh did you just say a swear?"
by Hael Dyno July 08, 2009
one of the main reasons that other countries hate america

what most females consider themselves to be

what obese people are when they are too lazy to exercise and eat healthy

some people are just born like this, due to health problems/family genitics
those stupid, fat americans!

(girl looking in a mirror, grabbing her stomach or thighs)
ugh, i'm so freaking fat!

(wife calling over to fat husband) hey, do you want to go for a walk with me and eat at tropical smoothie?
(fat husband, sitting on couch watching tv) thanks

(overweight girl looking through old family pictures, and notices that everyone in them are overweight as well, then looks down at herself) well that explains everything...
by readytograduate09 April 16, 2009

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