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new definition of FART as of 11:40 p.m. on April 9, 2009.
jon salamak fatted and chris smelled it.
by lilflowerr. April 09, 2009
11 17
The technique of fingering a girl while eating her out.
Finger and Tongue = FAT
She started to moan as i was FATing her pussy
My girlfriend loves when i use the FAT technique
by Morgasm14 June 11, 2008
17 23
An enduring name for a fat person who is a very good friend.
Hey Fats, good to see you again buddy!
by DreamsL0ST June 17, 2005
42 48
Cool, amazing, pretty mad
deadly, radd.
"Hey Jimmy, guess what?"
"well I dunno Jenny, what?"
"I wakeboard Jimmy, I can wakeboard!"
"Thats fuckin' fat Jenny!"
"uh did you just say a swear?"
by Hael Dyno July 08, 2009
6 13
one of the main reasons that other countries hate america

what most females consider themselves to be

what obese people are when they are too lazy to exercise and eat healthy

some people are just born like this, due to health problems/family genitics
those stupid, fat americans!

(girl looking in a mirror, grabbing her stomach or thighs)
ugh, i'm so freaking fat!

(wife calling over to fat husband) hey, do you want to go for a walk with me and eat at tropical smoothie?
(fat husband, sitting on couch watching tv) uhhh...no thanks

(overweight girl looking through old family pictures, and notices that everyone in them are overweight as well, then looks down at herself) well that explains everything...
by readytograduate09 April 16, 2009
21 28
To perform an action that is common of obese individuals.
Chris fatted into the hot tub and all the guests were repulsed by his unfit form.
by TJ Cochran April 15, 2008
10 17
if u cant see your pussy or penis ur fat!
the girl tried to to see if her pussy was hairy but couldt see it because she is fat.
by Joeington December 23, 2006
46 53