The act of flatulating;
Passing gas through one's rectum
I have to fart out of my butthole.
by IamVanity July 17, 2008
n. Gas that comes from the anus.
v. To pass methane gas through the anus.
adj. An insult.
n."That fart smelled really bad!"

v."I just farted."

adj."You're such an annoying little fart!"
by ?..? August 03, 2007
a gastranomical partation of two gluteus maximus muscles in a state of contraction
that gastranomicl partation of my two gluteus maximus muscles in a state of contraction was a blissful fart
by blurtingbelch October 30, 2006
a minor explosion between the buttox
i bent over and ripped a massive fart
by anonymous February 23, 2005
a smelly explosion emitted from one's ass. It smells horrible and is usually caused by comsuming baked beans or curry (or both)
Fred ate baked beans and curry for his lunch earlier...he just stank out the classroom.
by Andrew August 07, 2004
The fart is an explosion of revolting air which is produced through your ass!
Types of fart are th "silent but violent" type as these are quiet but absolutely stink!!!!!!! (may cause pain between the cheeks)
Liam: Did you fart?
Ben: Yes.
by Liam January 09, 2004
Flatulence And Rectal Trauma
The building block for the flatomusical sound of Flatulina's music.
Flatulina's trademark sound is that of a fart with singing fish, and a big orchestra.
by john November 08, 2003

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