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When you give some one heads(suck their dick)
"I gave uck/ucky last night to my bf"
by bluebarrr March 17, 2015
What survivors say out of boredom.
Uck... there's nothing to do but survive... uck...
by Blabber_Mouth_411 July 17, 2010
Any substance, person, or thing that is weird and never been seen before. can be gross or dirty or anything similar. can be used as a derogatory term.
John: ewww what the hell is that?
Alex: i'm not sure. looks like some uck.
John: Man thats gross.
Alex:yeah. Nasty!
by thebean16 April 02, 2013
Another way of saying Fuck.Used by some parts of northern H town.Originally made up to talk to officials or authority and then the word caught on to be a word.
Wuz up whit it baby u wann uck or what.
by jon_houston_mexican March 28, 2006

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