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a new orleans term for "fa real or really."
person1: look how she dancing...
(they both look)
person2: yes indeed
#yes indeed #yes in'deed #yes in-deed #yessindeed #yes-indeed
by N.O. girl777 May 24, 2009
A Southern expression typically used as an exclamation to show mild exasperation, frustration or surprise when someone does something egregious. The phrase with the closest similar meaning is "Oh Lord!".
Mother : "Son, you ate the whole batch of pecan candy?!"
Son: "Yeah, because last time brother wouldn't share the last few pieces, so this time I ate his portion and mine so he couldn't get any.
Mother: ~shakes head and purses lips ~ " Yes indeed..."
#oh yeah #really #okay #what? #i can't believe it #shame
by Dann326 December 31, 2014
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