A horrendous excereation of volitale fumes passed through the soggy anus
Just before i was about to fuck Sandy in the butt she ripped a huge fart.
by Dr. Phill October 08, 2003
An escape of gas from the anus originating from the depths of the colon and the stomach.
Gimme an "F"! Gimme an "Art!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 25, 2003
smelly, rank gas that is shot out the anus. usually smells like rotten eggs or some unknown heinous smell. also known as blowing ass, passing gas, cutting the cheese and sometimes, SBD, which is the most haggard smelling of all.
farts smell bad
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
Firstly used to define "an expulsion of wind for the anus"

But now can be used to describe people ie the elderly.
The elderly lady thats smells of piss is such an old fart
by Dan October 02, 2004
When your hella constipated after eating 7 bean burritos and then you just squeeze ur butt cheeks and instead of shitting a huge fart screechuings and bams out. stinky too.
You farted
by butt head November 21, 2003
a blast of wind that comes out ya anus
oops sorry i can't type anymore more i av tremedos botty burts
by betty bum August 05, 2003
The act of releasing gas from ones anus, which is usually accompanied by a foul smell. Can be used as an excuse or a weapon.
Sorry mom, I cant go to the reunion today, my stomach is upset. If you dont believe me, smell one of my farts.

Guy 1. Hey, get off my Beer
Guy 2. No way man, you lost it.
Guy 1. Ill Fart on you.
Guy 2. OK man take it.
by SPPIIKKE May 21, 2003

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