A smelly gas produced from someone's back side, this can be faked by sticking your tounge out and blowing. This technique can be used to drive someone to the brink of insanity.
Person 1: "Now I just have to defuse this bomb and-"
Person 2: * makes fake fart noise*
Person 1: "Will you stop?!!!" * accidentally cuts wrong wire*
by Lorenzo Mortelli April 06, 2007
The tone of the fart is inversely proportional to the tension of the anus on emission
A fart that is a:

a squeaker - tight
deep and throaty - baggy
by naughty J April 27, 2006
To let loose the inner beast. To pollute your drawers!

Here I sit, same as ever... took a dump & pulled the lever
The toilet flushed, the water flowed. Look out world it's a motherload!!
Wholey shit! That brocolli let loose my inner beast!!! That was a rotten fart!!!
by Naughty Redhaired Angel January 12, 2006
a musty smelling gas that comes out of your dirty anus.
Oh shit!,that fart parted my brothers hair!!!
by otis June 04, 2004
A sound emitting from the ass that can cause AIDS, Cancer, Seizures, or people running away in fear.
I farted now my friend has Cancer.
by Erin Wakey Balowey November 14, 2003
A horrendous excereation of volitale fumes passed through the soggy anus
Just before i was about to fuck Sandy in the butt she ripped a huge fart.
by Dr. Phill October 08, 2003
An escape of gas from the anus originating from the depths of the colon and the stomach.
Gimme an "F"! Gimme an "Art!"
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 25, 2003
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