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The act of releasing gas from ones anus, which is usually accompanied by a foul smell. Can be used as an excuse or a weapon.
Sorry mom, I cant go to the reunion today, my stomach is upset. If you dont believe me, smell one of my farts.

Guy 1. Hey, get off my Beer
Guy 2. No way man, you lost it.
Guy 1. Ill Fart on you.
Guy 2. OK man take it.
by SPPIIKKE May 21, 2003
79 77
the vaporized form of shit
by Unknown April 29, 2003
23 21
Adding to previous defition, usually farts can either be loud and friendly, or silent and deadly...
by Fart sniffer October 08, 2002
8 6
Ass goes boom
BOOOOOM there's a fart
by Caseyols October 02, 2013
1 0
stinky gas coming out of butt
uggg another fart
by cookie man of doom February 16, 2012
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A Fart is loud & gregarious. Others are sometimes annoyed by him. He is funny & everyone knows his opinion. A Fart is focused & tenacious. He enjoys his sport but doesn't like interruptions. He is a box checker & doesn't allow things to linger. Watch him if you want to see something get done! 37% males; 4% incorrectly assume they are Farts.

Duffers & Farts are male. Muffers & Cakes are female. Easy to determine regardless of the age but they technically need to be 60 to qualify for title.
That Fart really likes his pancakes a certain way doesn't he? Don't mess with that ole dude!
by eatrawstayhealthy December 07, 2011
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when you fart, your poop is evaporating
when you're about to poop, but you fart.
by Albino Child. November 22, 2011
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