a blast of wind that comes out ya anus
oops sorry i can't type anymore more i av tremedos botty burts
by betty bum August 05, 2003
the vaporized form of shit
by Unknown April 29, 2003
gas emitted from the butt
I smell fart.
by dictonarylover February 29, 2016
A large explosion of stank in the universe causing a great black hole
Boy 1: I farted in math class we all died
Boy 2:*dead*
by Bananamarishkahogata November 07, 2015
The way our body releases the souls of the food we have eaten
He just passed gas
The fart has allowed for the soul of the food to leave his body as it has "passed on"
by Petrolina Farren June 14, 2015
When your butthole burps, or blows a kiss
You: My butthole just blew a kiss at you
Them: huh??

You: I farted
by Idfwy lsab April 15, 2015
An invisible piece of dust that floats out of your butt hole. (Poop pushes out fart which causes this to stink)
The butthole and the poop make this happen. (Fart)
by Claire cx March 12, 2015
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