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Ruth's are beautiful, fiery, inependent and very clever. Ruth's are very beautiful and known to be break many hearts. Ruth's are upright and honest, they are not afraid to tell the truth.
Ruth's beautiful and she just left me.
by rexxii June 01, 2009
Means compassionate. One who is gorgeous without comparison, funny beyond words and kind of great!
"I'd be crazy not to sacrifice the word Ruth"

"I'd fight my ass off for Ruth"

"Ruth is the greatest"
by WoveMe March 11, 2009
an honest type of girl who is always there to lend a helping hand, and who may lie to make others feel better. normally happy people, they keep sadness buried inside so no one not even them can find it.
she showed me around the school when i was new, she's a total ruth.
by redxx August 28, 2009
a cool nice funny and truthworthy person.,might be shy at first but then she comes out. A can be pretty cute to others but she has a low self esteem. Wont text or return phone calls to annoying people. a very smart sophisicated person. Isnt afraid to tell you the truth.
ruth tells the truth
your such a ruth
by thefinest09 January 05, 2010
Ruth is a great girl, she seems shy and innocent but when you get to know her she is completely different, she's really funny and knows how to have a good time. She's naturally beautiful but doesn't know it. She flirts with a lot of guys but has only had a few relationships. If the guys she flirted with didn't live so far away then she would have had a lot of relationships.
Ruth is amazing !
by xoxbrap June 13, 2011
1.n. Grandmother or great aunt.
2.n. Sophisticated, intelligent woman between the ages of 14 & 55, usually attractive but not obscenely so. Reads fiction, listens to public radio, and drinks tap beer. Horrible at returing phone calls, even from the closest friends.
3. adj. (ruthie) objects/activities for excitable, outgoing young woman or girl with several equally excitable female friends.
1.n. Oh, my grandma is a total Ruth.
2.n. What? She never gave back your copy of that David Sedaris book? She pulled another Ruth.
3.n. I bought this ruthie baby backpack at Claire's yesterday.
by Ruth Stine September 03, 2006
A woman of great power and curious intellect who falls over a lot and makes too much noise.
Ruth:"Help me up, I want to try to sit on the chair again."
by Struthie February 05, 2010
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